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DOT Consulting Services

Having a truck company and maintaining everything is overwhelming and time-consuming. You not only have to manage the daily operations but also have to ensure compliance with government regulations that can jeopardize your business in case of neglect and put to danger the lives of the drivers and the condition of the vehicle.


Integrity Safety Consultants helps your company by making your drivers comply with and operate within government regulations. Maintain Dot compliance and adhere to fleet management protocols to enjoy greater efficiency and peace of mind.


Benefit From The Safety Support Our Dot Consultants Offer

The DOT consultants at Integrity Safety draw our DOT compliance programs according to the requirements of your company so that your business grows and you get to save money that you could otherwise lose. The DOT consultant you work with at Integrity Safety will help you by providing you with our services which comprise:s

  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium
  • CSA Score Management
  • Full Licensing and Credential Services
  • New Driver On-boarding
  • Vehicle Maintenance Program
  • Driver Qualification File Management
  • DOT Audit Support
  • Initial Risk Analysis
  • Driver Safety Meetings
  • IFTA Taxes
  • Policies and Handbook

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

We help you with the complexities that involve DOT regulations. Integrity Safety Consultants offers you everything you need to run a DOT drug testing program. Not only do we manage the entire program, but we also guarantee you all the processes, documents, and other testing requirements. Having a robust and compliant drug testing program is the cornerstone for any successful carrier vehicle business.

You must have the program to protect your business from unintended harm. Without a DOT drug testing program, your business is vulnerable to potential risks and violations. You can trust Integrity Safety Consultants to draw out a program for you that helps in the thriving of your business. We, your DOT consultant in Dallas, make sure you run a comprehensive program that complies with FMCSA regulations.

The DOT drug testing program includes:

  • Random, Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, and Reasonable Suspicion tests
  • A DOT-compliant written policy
  • Medical Review Officer services
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Access to a nationwide network of collection sites
  • 24/7 emergency testing support
  • Post-accident support
  • Federal Chain of Custody Management

No matter how many vehicles you own, Integrity Safety Consultants employs a practical approach to meeting your DOT compliance needs. With our significant years of experience, we can work with you to identify your compliance needs and set them right.

Our DOT consultants will train your employees to administrate and monitor your DOT compliance program, or we can also do it for you. We hold DOT compliance workshops that are insightful. With the frequent changes in the DOT compliance requirements, we make sure that you are kept up to date with the latest regulations so that you do not miss the latest developments.

Contact Integrity Safety Consultants now to review your company’s progress and upgrade the safety and compliance security of your company. Our experts make sure that your company maintains proper paperwork and meets all driver and trucking requirements. At the same time, we equip you with all the latest information on the rules and regulations.

Let’s elevate your trucking business today!