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Why Choose Integrity Safety to Conduct Your FMCSA Compliance Review?

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Implementation

Need a US DOT Corrective Action Plan?

If you are issued a notice of violation, the DOT will require you provide them with a corrective action plan. In order for the FMCSA to accept your corrective action plan you must meet several requirements. The FMCSA requires a corrective action plan, to be developed in a specific format.

If you received deficiencies, failed a DOT Audit or a DOT Compliance Review, you have probably received a notice of violation or a DOT warning letter. If you are issued a notice of violation, the DOT will require you provide them with a corrective action plan. In order for the FMCSA to accept your corrective action plan, you must meet several requirements. The FMCSA requires the corrective action plan to be developed and presented in a specific format. If your action plan doesn’t meet all the requirements, it will be rejected. A rejected plan often delays the process further and results in a company being placed Out-Of-Service

Don’t risk delaying the process by having a plan rejected. This rejection comes in the form of a letter titled Carrier’s Unacceptable Expedited Action Response of Corrective Action under 49 CFR 385.308. Ignoring communications from the US DOT or not responding properly will result in a notice of revocation and eventually the revocation of authority. Don’t let this happen to you, let Steven Sullivan & Associates / Integrity Safety Consultants help you create a plan that the FMCSA will accept.

Take Action Now!

When the DOT sends you their letter that informs you that you are required to submit a corrective action plan, they include a very specific deadline outlining when everything needs to be submitted. The deadline is very serious and delay will cause significant problems and headaches. Don’t wait, give us a call and we can explain the process in detail and help you get started so there is no interruption in your operation.

What does the DOT require?

The DOT requires that you be specific in the responses to your deficiencies. Each plan must state why the violation occurred, what corrective actions you will take to correct the deficiency and what corrective actions you will continue to take to prevent the deficiency from occurring again.

What we do?

We have the experience necessary to quickly develop a DOT-acceptable corrective action plan that follows their corrective action plan template. All we need from you is a copy of the Compliance Review or New Entrant Audit. We will send copies of your Corrective Action Plan to you and directly to the DOT. This takes time and effort off of your plate because we create a plan that we guarantee will be accepted for you and send it to the DOT directly. Once you receive your corrective action plan you will need to put it into action.

Call us today at (281) 382-8400 so we can get started on your Corrective Action Plan.