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Adverse Driving Conditions

Thick Clouds

A driver who encounters adverse driving conditions is allowed to extend the driving limit and on-duty limit by up to two hours, so:
  • Property carriers have a 16-hour driving window within which to complete up to 13 hours of driving, and
  • Passenger carriers have a 17-hour duty period within which to complete up to 12 hours of driving.

The revised definition of “adverse driving conditions,” clarifies the role of the driver in determining when such conditions are identified. Definition: Adverse driving conditions means snow, ice, sleet, fog, or other adverse weather conditions or unusual road or traffic conditions that were not known, or could not have reasonably been known, to a driver immediately prior to beginning the duty day, or immediately before beginning driving after a qualifying rest break or sleeper berth period, or to a motor carrier immediately prior to dispatching the driver.