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Safety Rating Upgrade in Dallas, TX

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What is a Safety Rating Upgrade Request?

A conditional safety rating can be very damaging to a trucking company. In order to get your safety rating increased to satisfactory, you must make a formal request to the FMCSA. This request process is long and complicated. Integrity Safety to shorten and simplify the process for your safety rating upgrade in Dallas, TX. Contact us for help today.

How is a Conditional Safety Rating Hurting You?

It is costing you money in two big ways. First, you will have trouble getting loads, especially if you are getting loads from a broker. Shippers and brokers often will not let you haul for them if you have a conditional safety rating, or they will pay you less because they know you are probably struggling to get loads. Secondly, you are paying more for your insurance. Insurance premiums are at least 40% higher for carriers with conditional safety ratings. Getting your insurance premiums back in line will more than pay for our services.

What does DOT / FMCSA require?

The DOT requires a very specific format for a safety rating upgrade request. You must show evidence that you have corrected your deficiencies, and all supporting documentation must be presented in accordance with the FMCSA guidelines. We will not only help you develop a plan but will also help you implement it, so you do not continue to have problems.

The Solution

Contact us today at (281) 382-8400, so we can get started on your safety rating upgrade request.